Oh, How I love Naptime!!

Is it bad that one of my FAVORITE times of day is naptime??!  Oh, how I love naptime!!  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Me too!  A power nap always does the trick!”  Well, no, that’s not what I meant.

I mean, I love it when my kid naps!!  Oh, the silence!!  The blessed alone time!!  No hands pawing at me, no requests for me to look at his train for the millionth time this morning!  I can use the bathroom…wait for it…ALONE!!

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I love love love my little one year old.  He makes my heart melt and my tired self get up in the morning.  Life just wouldn’t be the same without him.  But sometimes, I just like to be able to get something done without a little boy hanging on my leg.

Even doing the dishes becomes something sacred when it’s done during naptime.  The mind wanders, things get done with seemingly little effort—all in that blessed peace and quiet.

Naptime really can’t be compared to anything.  It’s a force of nature; it’s the 8th wonder of the world.  It’s the time in which kingdoms are built and lost–ok, maybe that’s a little overly dramatic.  But it’s that mid-day time when God rejuvenates your soul.

I think God invented naptime for the sanity of mothers.  He knew we couldn’t make it without that reprieve (however brief!) in the middle of the day.  Bless the hearts of mothers whose children are poor nappers!!!

I *almost* miss the days when my little one napped several times a day.  If I wasn’t so tired in those early days, I could have gotten so much done!  But alas, those were the days when I napped too!

In the past month, my little boy has decided to drop to only 1 nap per day.  ONE NAP!!!  Can you see the injustice here?!  I need him to sleep more than that!  I need more than one session of precious quiet time!!

But…since I cannot stop the force of nature that is a growing boy, I choose…no…I insist, on enjoying the brief time each afternoon when my boy dreams the dreams that only little boys dream, all while I selfishly devour every minute until he wakes again.

And someday…please may it be a lifetime away!!…someday, when he gives up napping altogether, I will thank my God that He has allowed my boy to continue to grow up.  But I will still always love and miss the times when naptime was a daily holiday.

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