How My New House Has Made Me More Productive

My dear hubby and I recently moved across several states for his new job.  We were able to find a lovely rental home that has actually never been a rental before.  It was just bought this year and turned into a rental.

That being said, we now live in this beautiful, high-quality home.  Having lived in apartments and life-long rental homes ever since we’ve been married, this is the best living quarters we’ve had.  I’m in love!!

Unexpected Productivity

As days turned into weeks in our new home, I started to notice something.  I was being more productive!!  I was getting things done and spending less time watching TV.

How could this be happening?  Was it just a side-effect of being in a new state where I hadn’t had time to settle in yet?

No, the more I thought about it, the answer was much simpler than that.  The answer could be found in our new home’s layout.

Our Previous Home’s Layout

In our sweet little rental home in Kentucky (I will always remember that home with fond memories!!), our living room and eat-in kitchen flowed into each other with no separation.  It gave the house a feeling of more space, which it needed with its smaller size.

But…it didn’t help me with my television addiction.  I could turn the TV the slightest bit and see it from the kitchen.  While I was working in the kitchen, I would have a food channel running or some other show that I could follow without seeing every scene.

 The problem with that is I would get caught up in a show or series of shows, and when I was done working in the kitchen, I would go to living room and finish the show.  And then watch another, and maybe another.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the addictive nature of television.  It’s hard to break the cycle.  That’s where my new home has really helped me.

Our New Home’s Layout

I’m already having fond feelings of attachment to this new home because of its layout.  (I’m weird, I know…attachment issues with a house??)  The living room and kitchen are open to each other through a doorway and a pass-through, but they have sufficient separation.

The living room has only one spot where we can keep the TV and it is thankfully out of sight from the kitchen.  No temptation there to try to watch TV while making dinner.  Score 1 for the new house!

The super-sized dining room is off of the kitchen and completely separated from the living room.  The dining room serves triple duty by also serving as the playroom and my desk area on the opposite end of the dining area.

My little toddler and I spend most of our time in this playroom area–him with his toys and me with my computer at my desk.  The TV is out of sight and out of mind.  It’s amazing what a powerful effect it has to simply remove the object of your temptation away from your line of sight!!

This might seem simple or even silly to you, but it really has worked for me!  I’m a better mom because I’m spending more time with my child focusing on him alone, and I’m a more productive mom and wife because I’m not wasting precious time sitting in front of the TV.

Do you have anything as crazy as this that has made you more productive?  Let me know so I don’t feel like I’m the only one!!

4 thoughts on “How My New House Has Made Me More Productive

  1. Isn’t it funny how the simplest of things can give us a new outlook on the important things in life? So proud of you!

  2. I know!! I have a love hate relationship with my TV. I experience the same problems you do with getting caught up in watching show after show and not being able to stop sometimes. Even though I enjoy watching television… I’m actually much happier when I don’t because I do get things done and I have a social life outside of the TV life which is real and so much better!! Watching TV isn’t living. I still get caught up in it though….Lol

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