My Cat–The Living Pregnancy Test

My cat is about to drive me nuts.  Over the course of the 4 years I’ve had her, she has effectively trained me to not expect much cuddling and attention from her on a regular basis.  She has always been stingy with her shows of affection—maybe that’s her way of making them more meaningful since they are so few and far between.

But nowadays, she is truly driving me up the wall.  When she is not outside killing some helpless rodent to leave on my step as a “present”, she is rubbing all over me, laying on my keyboard, sleeping in between my legs at night, etc., etc., etc.  Honestly, it feels like I have an extra toddler in the house hanging all over me.

Pregnancy #1

With my first pregnancy, I thought she was sick.  She hardly ever left my side when she was indoors, and she was obsessed with getting in my lap or at least laying next to me in a way that allowed her to touch me at all times.

I literally did a mini-exam to see if she was sick.  I translated my nursing assessment knowledge to checking out my cat.  Don’t laugh!!  I didn’t know what was wrong!  She was just not acting like her usual I-don’t-care-if-you’re-here cat self.  I was baffled!

I didn’t notice anything wrong with her, so I kept on eye on her.  Then, I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive…things began to make sense.  Animals have some sort of God-given ability to sense that something is medically different in their humans.  Think about dogs that can sense impending seizures.

My little kitty acted this way throughout the entire pregnancy.  She grew a little less attached as the 9 months went on, but she was still quite loving and liked to stay around me more than usual.

Cat-living pregnancy test

When the new baby came, this newfound affection went away.  It could have been the scrunched-looking human-child that invaded her world, or it could have been that I now lacked the pregnancy hormones that beckoned her to be extra-mindful of me.  Either way, she went back to her normal self.

Pregnancy #2

Then came along pregnancy #2.  You’d think I’d have learned my lesson from that first pregnancy, right?  WRONG.  Apparently I’m a slow learner.  (Can anyone relate with me??  Please say yes!)

The second time I became pregnant, I had taken a pregnancy test and it was negative.  My cat started acting the same way she had before, but because the test had been negative, I thought she was sick again…  What I really should have done is take another pregnancy test.

But I didn’t.  I checked her out again, trying to see if I could detect anything wrong with her.  Of course, I found nothing.  She was perfectly fine.  I was the one feeling pretty crappy.

When I finally got smart enough to take the second pregnancy test, it all made sense and I felt pretty stupid for doubting my cat.  The test showed what my cat had known all along, well before it was enough to show up on an over-the-counter pregnancy test.

It’s a good thing animals can’t talk, because I’m sure she would have given me a taunting “I told you so!”  I’m simply amazed at her ability, and even just her predictability, to notice and relate in her own way that she knows something is different about me.  It gives me a renewed sense of wonder at God’s marvelous, intricate creation.

I think maybe with pregnancy #3, I’ll just skip the drug store pregnancy test.  😉

Do you have any stories about your pets noticing something medical about you and reacting to it?  I’d love to hear about your experience!

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