Official Baby News!!

I guess since I’ve been writing about all this baby stuff (see my recent posts on baby food: post #1 and post #2, my homemade pregnancy test, and pros and cons on finding out the gender), I should PROBABLY give you all an official announcement even though I already said I was expecting.

We are having a little girl!!!

My husband is over the moon happy that he is getting a little girl.  I personally love little boys so much (I have 3 brothers!) that I could have been just as happy having boys forever and ever.  That doesn’t mean the little girl itch wouldn’t have reached me at some point before Dear Hubby gave it to me.

Either way, we are super proud and excited to announce that our little GIRL will arrive in January.  Now that all things ruffles and pink and hair bows are all rolling in, I am starting to get girl fever.  I never knew it could be this fun to get ready for a little girl!!

When my husband convinced me that we should find out the gender this time (we didn’t with our first), I slowly started to get excited about finding out.  Don’t judge me, but I MAY have bought 2 girl things before the 20-week ultrasound even happened…

My husband had been so convinced that it was a girl this time that he literally had me thinking girl well before we received the official confirmation.  I’m afraid we both might have been a little disappointed initially if it was another boy!

Either way, this girl will be extra special, as if she wasn’t already, because we are naming her after my husband’s mother who passed away years ago as well as after my grandma.  It means so much to my husband to be able to name his first girl after his mother whom he adored.  If that doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will!

Thank you for letting me make this special announcement to you!  I’m so excited about it I almost can’t even stand it.

Isn’t being a mother so awesome??







2 thoughts on “Official Baby News!!

  1. Yay!!! I’m so happy for you guys. Your husband is one smart cookie to know the gender before finding out. My dad was the same way, but my sibs and I were all surprise babies. It is super fun to get ready for a girl!

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