My $1.45 Shopping Trip at Kohl’s!!

I’m super excited about my recent shopping trip at Kohl’s!!  I’m still getting tingles when I think about how great of a deal I got…

Kohl’s cash

About a month ago, I ordered a Ninja blender/food processor system so that I could make homemade baby food more efficiently.  I had signed up for the Kohl’s Yes2You rewards program that gives you Kohl’s cash according to how much you spend.  With a bigger purchase like the blender/food processor (which I still got on a massive sale with a 25% off coupon, of course), I received $10 in Kohl’s cash.

That’s like getting at $10 rebate–well worth the small effort it takes to sign up for the program.  ALWAYS ALWAYS sign up for rewards programs.  You never know when you will need to buy things from a certain place and then you might end up with a nice rebate/discount like I did!  It’s free money!!

But I digress…  Kohl’s cash DOES have an expiration date, so I went to my local Kohl’s a week before the expiration date looking to score something I liked and/or needed for $10 or slightly above $10.  When you’re on a budget, you don’t want to spend any extra just to use your free money.  Duh, that would defeat the purpose.

Shopping the Clearance racks

Whether I have free money to use or not, I ALWAYS (I cannot stress this “always” enough!) check the clearance racks first.  Sometimes you find something, sometimes you don’t, but the savings you find on them is more than worth it.

So, being definitely pregnant like I am, I went straight to the maternity clearance rack.  I found a cute pair of maternity jean capris marked down to $8.80.  They were originally $44 and fit perfectly.  Those went straight onto my buy list.

But then I needed to make up the rest of the $10, so I headed for the baby section.  I found an adorable little onsie for my coming little girl marked down to $3.60.  It was originally $12.  For how cute it was, I knew I could handle the extra few bucks over $10.

Kohl's deal

When I got to the checkout, the capris rang up as $4.40 instead of the $8.80 on the clearance tag!!  Oh happy day!!  So back I went to the clearance racks and added a second onesie for my friend’s new little girl.  This onesie was also marked as $3.60, having originally been $12.

Kohl's deal

Final Cost Breakdown

My second time through the checkout, I raved to the cashier about how much I loved clearance racks, and she wholeheartedly agreed with my rave reviews.  She then gave me something she hadn’t the first time I tried to checkout–she scanned an extra 15% off coupon that she had there at the register!

ALWAYS be kind and personable with the people who serve you in the store.  Not just because it’s the right thing to do as a fellow human being, but also because you never know what they can offer you if they like you.

Sometimes cashiers are given extra coupons to offer to customers throughout the day at their own discretion.  I don’t know if this was the case with my extra 15% or not, (she could have simply forgotten it the first time), but whatever the case, I certainly benefited from the cashier remembering that she had an extra 15% she could offer me.

This brought my final cost to

$4.40 for the maternity capris


$3.60 for the onesie


$3.60 for the second onesie

$10 Kohl’s cash

15% discount


$1.45 out of pocket!!

According to my receipt, I saved $66.64!  Even if I had not had the Kohl’s cash, the clearance prices on these items would still have been superb.  WITH the Kohl’s cash, they became out of this world cheap.

I have already worn the capris over and over in the short time I’ve had them, so they’ve already been well worth the purchase.  I plan to get even more use out of them through the winter by wearing them with long boots and socks.  A hugely pregnant lady can’t waste time and effort tucking pant legs into boots anyways, right?

Have you found any great clearance deals recently?  Fall is the perfect time to pick up marked down clothes to wear NEXT summer!!



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