How We Saved Money on Children’s Furniture

After moving into our new house late this summer, my dear hubby and I spent a lot of time in stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, and at yard sales, trying to find things to fill specific needs in our new house.  (We still aren’t done getting our house just right, so stay tuned for more finds as we come across them!)

We were actually looking for a desk for me, but that isn’t what we found that day in Goodwill.  That’s both the beauty and curse of thrift store shopping…you sometimes find great deals you weren’t specifically looking for, and you sometimes don’t ever find what you ARE looking for.

BUT, what we found was a marvelous find.  I had realized that I needed a better solution for storing my little boy’s toys in a way that was both attractive to me and accessible to him so that he could play independently.

We stumbled across a firehouse-themed, wooden bookcase that would fit that need perfectly.  The sticker said $10, and I knew that I’d like this bookcase better than a $5 plastic tote.  So we decided to buy it.  Win-win for mommy.

When we got to the checkout, the kind cashier told us that the bookcase was part of a set, and that they should be sold together, making it $10 for all 3 pieces.  The other 2 pieces were a tiny table (that looks like it could double as a nightstand for a toddler bed) and an adorable step-stool.  We couldn’t pass it up since we we’re already going to spend the $10 anyways.

Fast forward to a short time ago when I realized that these items are still available for sale brand-new on Amazon.  What we found was definitely not brand new–the bookcase has a smashed corner, but it is nicely hidden in corner we stuck it in.  Another win for me because no one will ever see it.

(Side Note:  I’m not worried about having brand new at this stage because we might be moving again in a few years and I don’t want to feel bad if I have to leave something behind or sell it.  Besides, my little boy might just be a boy and destroy it.  But I understand that a lot of people might want brand new so it can last longer and be used for multiple children.)

While looking for twin-sized mattresses on Amazon for a bunk bed we just bought, I found the firehouse bookcase on accident.  The KidKraft Firehouse Bookcase is going for $69.96 right now on Amazon, here

The KidKraft Fire Hydrant Toddler Table is going for $39.96, here,

and the KidKraft Fire Truck Step N Store is $19.62, here I found all these, I realized they are part of an adorable full bedroom set, and there is a KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed, here, as well that completes the set.


I’m not sad we didn’t find the bed at Goodwill because a bunk bed is much more practical for our family at this point.

So let me just recap the savings we stumbled upon so unknowingly:

Had we bought the bookcase, table, and step stool brand new, we would have paid $69.96 + $39.96 + $19.62 = $129.54!!

Instead, we paid only $10, saving $119.54 or 92%!!

It really pays off to keep your eyes open at a thrift store–you never know what kind of deals you will find!

Do you have any thrift store finds you can share with us?


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