Budget-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas!!

I’ve recently discovered a website that is like having a high-quality dollar store at my fingertips.  I don’t even have to get dressed and leave the house!

I really hate shopping at the real dollar store because so much of their stuff is such low-quality.  There is really no point in buying things like toys there.  That’s where my new online friend comes in.

My Great Find!

This online “dollar-store-on-steroids” is called hollar.com and the majority of their merchandise is priced $1-$5, and I’ve personally not seen anything priced over $10.

What’s BETTER than a dollar store is that they have TONS of name-brand things, like Star Wars, Melissa & Doug, Disney, and other toy brands.  Just know that you obviously aren’t going to find large toys at these prices.  Again, think dollar store and mostly stocking stuffer sizes–but at least you are going to get MUCH BETTER QUALITY than a dollar store.

They have Essie and Opi nail polish (for $3-$4!) and other great cosmetic items you can trust, unlike at the dollar store.  I could go on and on.

Basically, they have something for all ages and in all major categories–baby stuff to household items.

Your first order (there is a $10 minimum on all orders) will automatically get free shipping, and if you create an account here, you will also get an automatic $2 credit for your first order.

After your first order, shipping is free on orders of $25 or more.  I would just recommend having all your stocking stuffer needs in mind so you can get everything all at once.

My Experience with Hollar.com

The first order I ever placed with them consisted of baby items.  I bought several clothing items for $1-$2, some of them were even organic cotton!  I was very pleased with what I received.

I just placed another order today and bought several plastic CAT brand construction vehicles for my son for Christmas.  They were only $6 apiece.  I filled in the rest of the order to get to $25 for free shipping by picking up some $1 hair bows for the little girl I’m expecting, and a $1 pack of addition flash cards for when we get to school-age.

So if you are looking for stocking stuffers that won’t break your budget and that won’t break as soon as the kiddos dump them out of the stockings, then hollar.com might be something you ought to check out!

You’re welcome!


(Note:  The link I’ve provided to hollar.com is a referral link they offer to everyone when you place an order.  If you place an order through that link, you will receive a $2 credit, and I will receive the same.  You will also receive a referral link to share when you place an order too.  Happy Christmas Shopping!)

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