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Welcome to my weekly post where I bring together awesome blog posts and articles from around the web and put them in one place for you to read at your leisure.

It’s my way of sharing with you posts that I’ve read that have inspired me or brought me some information that I believe you might find helpful as well.



I think God was trying to get a message across to me this week, because these 2 blog posts really convicted me.  I am always the fixer, the helper, the one who does for others and rarely asks for help myself.  The current season in my life has really forced me to slow down and focus on myself, and I’ve been feeling really guilty about that.  (I also don’t like all the slowing down because it has made me have to face some painful issues in my life–but that’s a story for another time!)

If you have that classic mom-guilt about asking for help and not being able to accomplish everything that “needs” to be done, please take the time to read these 2 blog posts and let them sink in.  It’s OK to be needy, and it’s OK take some time to take care of yourself.  (Don’t worry, I’m preaching at myself too!!!)

“Is Self Care Selfish Care?” from  This woman is so wise and I feel like she’s writing specifically to me…

“Stop Feeling Guilty About Asking for Help” from  Yes, yes, and again yes.  I really need to work on this concept.

Saving Money

“10 Crockpot Freezer Meals to Make When Chicken Breasts are Buy One Get One Free” from New Leaf Wellness.  I’ll definitely make a few of these next time I get some chicken breasts on sale.  I need to get some quick crockpot meals into the freezer to make life easier after this baby arrives in January!!  (If you’ve been following my blog you know I’m expecting my second baby!)

Life of a Nurse/Healthy Living

“Avoid Antibiotic Resistance:  How to Beat Antibiotic Abuse” from  This is by no means an extensive explanation on how to avoid antibiotic abuse, but as antibiotic abuse is a huge pet peeve of mine as a nurse, this is a great article to get the average person to think about the importance of avoiding antibiotic use for minor infections.  Antibiotic overuse is a huge problem in America, and putting an end to it starts at the individual level.  Please read and consider researching more on the topic!!


As we end this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed at least one of these posts from around the web as much as I have.  🙂  May your next week be filled with awesomeness!!

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