My Favorite Websites and Apps for Saving Money: Ibotta (Day 5)

Welcome to my first series ever–My Favorite Websites and Apps for Saving Money. In this series, I’m detailing websites and apps that I use to save money.   A few of these are actually legitimate ways to EARN money!  These are all websites and apps that YOU could easily start NOW in order to save money or even EARN money!  Every little bit adds up!

Thank you for joining me, and remember that you can ask me any questions in the comments and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.  Let’s continue with Day 5!!

App #2:  Ibotta

What is Ibotta and how does it work?

Ibotta is an app, available on iOS and Android devices, that offers digital coupons.  Ibotta has an extensive list of grocery stores and retail stores that participate in offering you digital coupons.  Once you have downloaded the app, you simply unlock the coupons you want by performing simple tasks before you go to the store.  Depending on the store you are shopping with, you either scan the bar codes of the items you purchased and scan a picture of your receipt, or you can just link your loyalty card and the savings are put into your account automatically.

Ibotta has even more of the “any brand” offers, like the produce offers we talked about with Checkout51, but Ibotta offers even MORE.  Ibotta usually has a few produce coupons, as well as “any brand” offers scattered through the other categories, such as $0.25 off any brand of cereal, any brand of milk, and any brand of ice cream.  These offers change from time to time–I’ve noticed these offers usually expire in a week.  (The offers on name-brand items can last much longer, just like a paper coupon.)

I love Ibotta, and I appreciate how much this app saves me, but I do have one complaint.  Discount stores like Aldi, where I happen to shop a lot because my area of the country is quite expensive, are not included in the list of stores on Ibotta.  This is disappointing because the “any brand” coupons would be great to use there.  I guess I’ll just have to stick with Checkout51 for that…

How do you receive the money you’ve saved?

Ibotta will let you transfer any amount of your savings, no matter how small, straight into your Paypal or Venmo account.  I really like this because you get actual spending money, but I still would prefer to get a check like from Checkout51, or at least be able to transfer it into my checking account.

Ibotta also offers a selection of gift cards that you can redeem with your savings.  These gift cards are $20-$25, so you do have to build up a minimum before you can get a gift card.

Is it worth it to use Ibotta??

I sure think so!!

This app IS more restrictive in that it only offers coupons through it’s specific list of stores, and that might not be something that bothers you if you shop at mainstream stores all the time anyways.  It’s just my love of Aldi that makes me clash with Ibotta from time to time when I wish I could redeem the “any brand” offers there.

Ibotta offers a lot of high-value coupons on top quality brands, so I really find it worthwhile to use Ibotta to supplement my paper coupons.  If I can print a paper coupon for $2 for something like Pampers diapers, and get an Ibotta rebate coupon for $2, I just saved a whopping $4 on a brand that can be harder to find good savings on.

So what are you waiting for??  Go join Ibotta now and start making use of all the coupons it has to offer for just a few clicks in the app–no coupon clipping required!!

If you join through my link, or even if you download the app and join from there, please enter my referral code abbjba so Ibotta will know who sent you!

Be sure to come back here on Monday (11/28) to read about a 3rd money-saving app, SavingStar!! 


(Note:  The links I’ve provided to Ibotta are my personal referral link.  If you sign up for Ibotta as well, you’ll also get a link to share with friends for the same referral bonuses.  Happy Savings!)


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