My Favorite Websites and Apps for Saving Money: SavingStar (Day 6)

Welcome to my first series ever–My Favorite Websites and Apps for Saving Money. In this series, I’m detailing websites and apps that I use to save money.   A few of these are actually legitimate ways to EARN money!  These are all websites and apps that YOU could easily start NOW in order to save money or even EARN money!  Every little bit adds up!

Thank you for joining me, and remember that you can ask me any questions in the comments and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.  Let’s continue with Day 6!!

App #3:  SavingStar

What is Saving Star and how does it work?

SavingStar is an app, available on iOS and Android devices, that offers digital grocery coupons and deals.  Like Ibotta, which we covered on Day 5, SavingStar works with mainstream stores to offer you digital coupons.  Once you have downloaded the app, you simply add the coupons you want to your list.

Depending on the store you are shopping with, you will either submit a picture of your receipt, or you will link your store loyalty card before shopping.  For those stores that work with SavingStar through their loyalty cards, you only have to link your card once, and as long as you have added the coupons to your list before shopping, your savings will be added to your account automatically.  I really like Saving Star for this because it eliminates the extra step of remembering to scan my receipt when I get home.

Just like Ibotta and Checkout51, coupon apps that we covered already, SavingStar offers produce coupons.  As moms, I know we like to try to feed our family healthy things, and you can’t always find coupons for these things.  But every week, SavingStar offers a coupon for 20% off a produce item, such as apples or tomatoes.  I love that it’s 20% off because if it’s something like apples that I can buy in bulk, I can get them on sale, save that extra 20%, and turn those apples into homemade apple butter…  I’m going to stop there–I’m making myself hungry…

Oh yeah, while I was wiping away my drool, I remembered that SavingStar also offers a freebie on most weekends.  It’s generally something that retails for around $1, like a candy bar, but if you are shopping anyways, it’s nice to be able to pick up an extra treat for free.

How do you receive the money you’ve saved?

SavingStar gives you 3 options for the savings you accumulate in your account.  You can transfer your savings to your bank account, your PayPal account, or donate them to charity.

Is it worth it to use SavingStar??

Yes!!  Even if the only coupons I ever redeemed on SavingStar were the produce coupons, it would be worth it.  Coupons on produce are so rare, yet produce is something we use in my household every week.  Saving that little bit extra always helps, and over time, adds up to big savings that you could not get otherwise.

So what are you waiting for??  Go join SavingStar now and start making use of all the coupons it has to offer for just a few clicks in the app–no coupon clipping required!!


Be sure to come back here on Wednesday (11/30) to read about a 4th money-saving app, Receipt Hog!!  INCENTIVE:  This is one I absolutely love for its simplicity and ease of use!!

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