My Favorite Websites and Apps for Saving Money: Yaarlo (Day 8)

Welcome to my first series ever–My Favorite Websites and Apps for Saving Money. In this series, I’m detailing websites and apps that I use to save money.   A few of these are actually legitimate ways to EARN money!  These are all websites and apps that YOU could easily start NOW in order to save money or even EARN money!  Every little bit adds up!

Thank you for joining me, and remember that you can ask me any questions in the comments and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.  Let’s continue with our final day–Day 8!!

App #5:  Yaarlo

What is Yaarlo and how does it work?

Yaarlo is an app, available on iOS and Android devices, that offers cash back through 3 avenues.  You can (1) scan your receipts into the app, (2) shop online through the app or online website, and (3) buy gift cards through the app or online website.  Each of these activities will give you cash back in your account.

In my personal use of Yaarlo, I only use the feature of scanning my receipts to get cash back.  This feature does not require me to make an additional purchase of any kind–I’m simply scanning the receipts of purchases I would have already made.

When I want to shop online, I prefer using Ebates or Swagbucks.  If you click through and read my posts on those 2 sites, you will see that I prefer Ebates for online shopping because it’s highly reliable and user-friendly with great customer service.  Swagbucks is second-best, and Swagbucks allows you to earn FREE gift cards, so I rarely need to actually buy gift cards, like Yaarlo is encouraging.

That said…I have only used Yaarlo for a few months now, and while it is great to get some money for receipts that I already have, I find that Yaarlo is unreliable in reading receipts correctly and crediting me accordingly (I have had multiple receipts rejected that were accepted with no problem through Receipt Hog, but there is no way to get this corrected within Yaarlo).  If that is their track record on receipts, I’d rather not go the route of shopping online through them and experiencing their customer service (or lack thereof!).

But again, Yaarlo is great for earning that extra bit of money through receipts I already have, and even if a few don’t make it through, I’m glad to stick to what I do get.

How do you receive the money you’ve saved?

Yaarlo offers a variety of gift cards in the values of $10, $20, and $50.  So when you’ve accumulated enough in your account to redeem a gift card, you select the one you want and trade in your saved money for that gift card.

Is it worth it to use Yaarlo??

Even though Yaarlo has not proved to be the best at reading my receipts and giving me credit for them, I am still convinced it’s worth it.  All I have to do is snap a quick picture of my receipts and I get to build up money that I would not have gotten otherwise.  I think having patience with this app is worth getting free money, even if I don’t get credit for everything.  I mean…come on, it’s still FREE. 🙂


Will you choose to give Yaarlo a try?  My motto is–every little bit counts!!  Let me know how Yaarlo works out for you.

Also, have you enjoyed this series?  Please let me know!  I want to continue providing content that is helpful or that you enjoy reading!  Your feedback is important to me.

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