My Favorite Online Posts This Week!

Welcome to my weekly post where I bring together awesome blog posts and articles from around the web and put them in one place for you to read at your leisure.

It’s my way of sharing with you posts that I’ve read that have inspired me or brought me some information that I believe you might find helpful as well.



65+ Spiritual Gift Ideas for Kids on  This is a great list of ideas for gifts that will help develop your children’s spiritual life.  I’m posting this so I’ll have the link handy for when my kiddos get a little older!!

Saving Money/Recipes

Homemade Protein Bars on  Store-bought protein bars are pricey, and contain a lot of extra, unpronounceable ingredients.  I love how simple and nutritious this recipe is for homemade protein bars.  I just mixed up a huge batch this morning to have on hand for starting my new job next week!

(As I mentioned very briefly in my post on Wednesday, I landed a new job.  Once I get through orientation, I will be working one day a week, giving me the maximum time with my kiddos while still letting me enjoy being a nurse.  It’s perfect!!)

Life of a Nurse

The Secret of Labor and Delivery on  I am most definitely NOT a labor and delivery nurse–I’ll take my older population without babies involved any day–but the kind of heart-wrenching situation she describes so well can really apply to nurses in all areas.  The days when we go home and cry are many, but we wouldn’t trade what we do for anything else.


Christmas Giveaway Extraordinaire on  One of my favorite bloggers is giving away a ton of her favorite things!!  Head over there and enter to win whatever tickles your fancy!  There are separate giveaways for each bundle of items or gift certificates.  (Just don’t actually win anything–cause I want to win them all!!)


As we end this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed at least one of these posts from around the web as much as I have.  🙂  May your next week be filled with awesomeness!!

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