10 Tips & “Tricks” for Earning Money on Swagbucks

Today I simply want to do a follow-up post on Swagbucks in the wake of the series I just finished on money-saving websites and apps.  Swagbucks is the one that can require a little guidance to get you started because there are so many different ways of earning “swagbucks” that it can be hard at first to figure out what works best for you and won’t become too time-consuming–cause ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!!
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So, without further ado, here are my top tips and “tricks” that I personally use for earning Swagbucks:

#1:  Reach your Daily Goal every day, whenever possible!  Your Daily Goal is (currently–until they update the page design!) displayed in the middle of the top bar of the Swagbucks website when you are logged into your account.  The goal varies from day to day based on your average earnings, so if you earn around 100 SB every day, then your goal will likely be around that number.

Displayed with your Daily Goal is the reward you will earn if you meet your goal.  For example, my Daily Goal today is 115 SB and my reward if I hit that goal is 12 SB.

The best part of the Daily Goal is that if you meet it for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, or 30/31 days in a row that month, you receive a much larger reward for the entire month.  I have found that even if I only meet the 14 day streak each month, I can earn about an extra 300-400 SB award!!  That translates to about $3-4 extra dollars in gift cards!

#2:  Complete the Daily Poll and “Daily Crave.”  The Daily Poll is just a fun poll question you can answer to earn 1 SB each day.  The “Daily Crave” is just a list of 2-3 videos to watch to earn 2 SB.  These are just 2 easy tasks that take seconds to complete each day to get started toward your Daily Goal.  

#3:  Make Swagbucks your default search engine.  Just by conducting all your searches through Swagbucks instead of through Google or Yahoo or whatever you usually use, you can usually win anywhere from 5-20 SB.  I recently won 200 SB from a search, but most search wins are below 50 SB.  (Swagbucks search is powered by Yahoo.)

(Search wins occur after a random number of searches–keep performing searches until you win if you are determined to get a search win each day.  That’s what I usually do.)

#4:  Conduct a search for any website you want to visit, rather than entering the web address directly into the address bar.  This simply maximizes the number of searches on the Swagbucks search engine you perform daily.  This increases your chances of earning random search wins.

#5:  Install the “Swagbutton” extension on your browser.  This button gives you access to lots of earning potential.  For example, you can open it to perform a search through Swagbucks, activate Shop & Earn at participating online stores, etc.

And my FAVORITE earning feature of the Swagbutton–you can pop open a small browser window to run videos.  You earn 3 SB for 20 videos, but these videos go from one video to the next automatically, so I just let the videos run (with the sound off) in the background while I am on my computer doing other things.  Easy SB with minimal effort!  If you are on your computer a big portion of the day, this will be a big earner for you.

#6:  Watch videos from the “Watch” section on the main Swagbucks website.  When I have my computer on, I always have my Swagbucks videos going on the main website, as well as the videos from the Swagbutton.  Great way to double up on the earnings!!  

The major hang-up for watching videos on the main website is that you have to manually change the playlist.  (You earn a specified number of Swagbucks per playlist.)  As long as you remember to toggle back to the tab and click on the next playlist, you can keep your earnings coming.

Side note:  My favorite videos are the cooking ones–there’s always something that interests me in that category!

#7:  Download one or more of the Swagbucks video apps on your phone and earn by watching videos on the apps.  I tend to let these apps run when I am at home not using my phone, and especially at night when I am sleeping.  This is another no-effort way to earn SB that I make sure to utilize daily.  It keeps the Swagbucks coming if I can’t sit down to spend time on the computer.

#8:  Complete at least one survey per day.  You’ll find surveys under the “Answer” section on the main website, and each survey will have an approximate number of minutes it should take to complete, and what the SB reward will be.  I usually try the highest SB surveys that take the smallest amount of time to finish, and then I try to complete one survey each day.  Surveys are a great way to reach your Daily Goal in a short amount of time.

#9:  Complete special offers in the “Discover” section.  In the “Discover” section, you will find offers for everything from signing up for free samples, to offers for signing up for a subscription service like Netflix.

Focus on the quick and easy offers, especially free offers for 20+ SB.  Make sure you read the details on what you have to actually do to earn the SB for each offer–some take more action on your part, and some are simple as providing your email address.

If you choose to sign up for offers to earn SB, please be sure to create a “junk” email account for this purpose.  You will receive junk mail from a lot of these offers, so you won’t want to use your regular email account for this.

#10:  Play the Swagbucks games from the “Games” section.  You can earn 10 SB per day for playing the free Swagbucks-themed games in the “Games” section.  2 SB will award after you’ve played the game twice.  I’m not a huge computer game person, but I’ll do this if I’m bored–which, let’s face it, I’m a mom so that doesn’t happen often! 😉

Bonus tip!!  #11:  Follow Swagbucks on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.  You will find more tips and tricks being posted by fellow Swagbucks users, and the Swagbucks team will post updates and news.

You will also find that they post “Swagcodes” that you can enter on the website to earn free SB.  I love taking advantage of these opportunities!

I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the social media sites because the posts and comments from other users can get out of hand, and I dislike being sucked into that kind of rabbit hole.  I choose to visit quickly and look for the helpful posts  and the Swagcodes and then get back out again.


Are you a member of Swagbucks with some tips to share?  Please share them with us in the comments section!


(Note:  Some of the links I’ve provided to Swagbucks are my personal referral link.  If you sign up for Swagbucks as well, you’ll also get a link to share with friends for the same referral bonuses.  Happy Savings!)


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