Rainy Days and Toddlers

There’s just something about a gloriously rainy day that gives me a feeling of calm and thankfulness.  Thankfulness that we have a roof over our head and we are warm and dry.  Thankfulness that I am home to enjoy this roof over my head with my favorite little person, my son.

There’s just something about a rainy day that gives me a sleepy feeling that encourages me to slow down and savor what is right in front of me.  Rainy days are when I find myself doing what I wish I did every day–giving my son my full attention and my full presence.josiah

This must be why he seems to love rainy days too.  He doesn’t complain about not going outside.  Sometimes we sit and watch the rain fall and exclaim “Wow” over it like 19-month olds like to do.  The wonder he sees in this form of precipitation as he learns about it simply by watching it, teaches me to look for its charms as well.

Next time you find yourself home on a rainy day, remember to approach it with the wonder of a toddler.  Use that time as an exercise in slowing down and enjoying what you have right in front of you.  Enjoy having your family around you and the ability to fully give them your presence.

You won’t be disappointed, and your family will be overjoyed to have all of you.  That’s all they really ever wanted…

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