My Favorite Online Posts This Week

Welcome to my weekly post where I bring together awesome blog posts and articles from around the web and put them in one place for you to read at your leisure.

It’s my way of sharing with you posts that I’ve read that have inspired me or brought me some information that I believe you might find helpful as well.


Craft Ideas

“How to Make Homemade Slime” on  This would make for a great craft-making afternoon with the kids!  School-age kids could probably do this on their own and add their own colors.

Healthy Eating

“7 Healthy Crockpot Freezer Meals to Make This Week” from New Leaf Wellness.  I love a great crockpot recipe–it’s a great way to save time in the kitchen.  What I love even more about this list of crockpot recipes is that they can be prepped ahead of time, with no cooking involved, and put into the freezer for another day.  Win-win!

Winter Weather Car Care

“Winterize Your Car:  6 Simple Tips to Cold-Weather Vehicle Safety” from  Recently I’ve realized how much I depend on my husband for a lot of things, ESPECIALLY for caring for our vehicles.  I have told myself that I will pay more attention to what he does so that I’ll know how to do these things for myself in case he’s not available to help me.  I’ve run into too many things I couldn’t do and had to wait for him to get home from work to do it for me…

As we end this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed at least one of these posts from around the web as much as I have.  🙂  May your next week be filled with awesomeness!!

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