How to Use Vinegar Cleaners around the House

So I’ve been talking about using vinegar cleaners as a budget-friendly and kid-safe cleaning option.  I wanted to expand on the cleaner recipes I gave you and give you a few tips and ideas on using the vinegar cleaner you will use the most–the general purpose cleaner.

If you remember from my previous post, general purpose vinegar cleaner is about as easy as it gets to make.  All you need is half white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle.  (And you can get a spray bottle for $1 at your local dollar store!)

You would use this simple cleaner anywhere you would use a general purpose spray cleaner bought from the store.  So I’m talking about using this on your counters, stovetop, microwave, sinks, wiping up sticky messes, etc. etc. etc…  If it needs cleaning, that’s where you can use this cleaner!!

I’m giving you 2 examples of specific places to use this cleaner–your microwave and stovetop–just to show you how easy and versatile this vinegar cleaner can be.



The first place I used this vinegar cleaner after I threw it into a spray bottle was my stovetop.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice for how dirty it really was……

All I did was spray the stovetop with the half white vinegar, half water mixture and let it sit.  (Remember that letting your vinegar cleaner sit means you are allowing that vinegar to kill more bacteria!!)

For an extra boost of cleaning power, I sprinkled some baking soda on top of what I just sprayed.  The baking soda reacts with the vinegar and helps dissolve baked-on food and grease.  Then I spread kitchen towels that I had damped with water over the baking soda and cleaner and let it set for 5 minutes.

(I got the idea for the baking soda and kitchen towels from a reader who commented on Facebook.  Thanks Krystle for the tip!!)

After 5 minutes, I took the towels off and wiped the stovetop clean!  It was literally that easy.  My favorite part was not having to scrub off the dried on food like I usually have to do.


Let me just come clean first…ladies, my microwave gets DIRTY.  Let’s take a moment of silence and just recognize the state of this microwave in the top part of my before and after picture.  It’s shameful.

OK, now that we have that confession over with, this is how I cleaned it.  It was so easy I really have no excuse to let it get dirty again.  It’ll never happen again.  Ahem, let’s pretend that true.

All I had to do was spray my general purpose vinegar cleaner ALL over the inside of the microwave, including the inside of the door.  Make sure you get it all soaking wet.

Then I put a bowl of water in the microwave and nuked that baby for 6 minutes.  Doesn’t have to be 6 minutes, but you want that water to boil and create steam.  The steam helps that cleaner really break down all that dried on food.

Once that’s done, take a sponge and wipe out the inside of the microwave.  All that food will slide right off, easy peasy.


I hope this little post has given you the motivation to get started with using your own homemade vinegar cleaners.  It is worth it to save the money on expensive cleaners and to know that what you are using will be non-toxic around your kids.  Let me know on the Frugal Nurse Mama Facebook page or in the comments section below this post how these cleaners have worked for you!!  I’d so love to hear from you!



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