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Rainy Days and Toddlers

There’s just something about a gloriously rainy day that gives me a feeling of calm and thankfulness.  Thankfulness that we have a roof over our head and we are warm and dry.  Thankfulness that I am home to enjoy this roof over my head with my favorite little person, my son. There’s just something about […]... Read More
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Great Deals on Hollar Right Now: $2 digital Disney movie downloads, $1 Melissa & Doug Toys and MORE!!

Hollar.com, which I talk about in this previous post about budget-friendly stocking stuffers, currently has even more awesome deals going on RIGHT NOW!! Digital Disney movie downloads are starting at $2 each, for titles like Planes and Frozen. These digital downloads are normally $20!                       Melissa […]... Read More
on-missing-my-real-job nursing-the-hardest-job-youll-ever-love nursing-the-hardest-job-youll-ever-love

On Missing My “Real” Job: A Nurse I Will Always Be

As all mom’s know, we have the task of being a mother first, and then if we also work, we have our “real” job as well.  My “real” job is in nursing. Being a nurse is an amazing thing.  You get to impact people at the time in their lives when they need it most.  […]... Read More

To Know Or Not To Know Your Baby’s Gender Before Birth

This is a subject I used to feel really strongly about, mostly because I leaned heavily in one direction.  Ok, ok, I was completely on one side of the fence, I admit it.  I thought everyone should let their baby be born as a surprise. In my mind, why would you want to “ruin” that […]... Read More

Why I’m Making Baby Food When I’m Only Half-Way Through My Pregnancy

I know, I know…you all think I’m crazy, I get it.  I’m only halfway into incubating this baby, but I’m already pureeing and freezing veggies into baby food that the baby won’t eat until she’s 6 months old.  I mean, that’s like…10 months away!!  That’s almost a year in the future!!! Well, let me give […]... Read More