How to Use Vinegar Cleaners around the House

So I’ve been talking about using vinegar cleaners as a budget-friendly and kid-safe cleaning option.  I wanted to expand on the cleaner recipes I gave you and give you a few tips and ideas on using the vinegar cleaner you will use the most–the general purpose cleaner. If you remember from my previous post, general purpose […]... Read More
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Master Guide to Simple Vinegar Cleaners for the WHOLE House!

I’m very excited to bring you this list of vinegar cleaners to replace toxic and expensive store-bought cleaners!  I found simple recipes for vinegar cleaners for the main cleaning purposes every home needs. I tried most of these cleaners last week so I could tell you how well they work.  (A quick trip to the […]... Read More

My Favorite Online Posts This Week

Welcome to my weekly post where I bring together awesome blog posts and articles from around the web and put them in one place for you to read at your leisure. It’s my way of sharing with you posts that I’ve read that have inspired me or brought me some information that I believe you […]... Read More