My Favorite Online Posts This Week!

Welcome to my weekly post where I bring together awesome blog posts and articles from around the web and put them in one place for you to read at your leisure. It’s my way of sharing with you posts that I’ve read that have inspired me or brought me some information that I believe you […]... Read More
rainy-days-and-toddlers josiah

Rainy Days and Toddlers

There’s just something about a gloriously rainy day that gives me a feeling of calm and thankfulness.  Thankfulness that we have a roof over our head and we are warm and dry.  Thankfulness that I am home to enjoy this roof over my head with my favorite little person, my son. There’s just something about […]... Read More
Teach your toddler to give

6 Ways to Teach Toddlers to Give

In My Favorite Online Posts This Week! post on 12/2, I posted a link with some ideas on teaching children to give.  This got me thinking about ways I want to start planning to use to teach my children to give, so I had to start thinking in “toddler terms.” This is by no means an extensive […]... Read More

5 Things I’m Thankful for This Year

This is the time of year that we all stop to think about what we are thankful for.  If you truly count your blessings, you’d be counting for days, at least I know I would be.  Yesterday I was thinking about the biggest things I have to be thankful for right now, and this is […]... Read More